Nature Through My Lens




… Cottontail that is!  This cute little Bunny was eating the fresh grass in the ditch along the road.

I Like Peanuts


Here’s one from the critter cam! A black morph Grey Squirrel! She is a daily visitor to our feeders where we always make sure that there’s some peanuts out for her. Three of her offspring also come over and it becomes quite entertaining watching them chase each other around the yard! Check out those claws! If you look close you can see our house reflected in her eyes!



Here’s a Grey Grey Squirrel.  We don’t see many of these guys anymore, as the Blacks are taking over the gene pool.  This guy is soaking wet with the rain, but it doesn’t seem to bother him much.  He has a good supply of seeds to keep his energy up!

Drink Up, Mrs. S.


Here’s a Critter for a change.

A black morph of a Grey Squirrel at the bird bath in our garden with a backdrop of BlueBells.

I got a new toy today, in the form of a Nikon P900. This is one of the first shots. So far, so good!

Grey Squirrel


Here’s a little critter who is quite at home in our yard. She’s been around for a few years now. Although she’s black, she’s a grey squirrel. There seems to be more black ones than grey. Here she’s on the bird bath having a drink.

Snowy Critter


Here’s one of our local Critters.  A regular visitor to our bird feeders year round.  Today it’s got itself all puffed up against the cold and it’s own snowflake collection!



A brown Skipper Butterfly takes nourishment from the bright flowers of a Goldenrod

Give Us a Kiss


No birds today.  Just my buddy Spencer!

Critter Day


She saw the dog and I enter the backyard.  Eye contact made and away she went!

I Love This Grin


This little character is fond of our brand of Suet we feed the birds!

I want to say, I love his shit eating grin, but don’t know if I can say that here!!




My friend Pat, had a Squirrel in her back yard, that she called Notch!

I guess I’ll call this one Notch II.   Its a regular visitor to our yard and always has it’s eye out for peanuts, but will settle for sunflower seeds most of the time!



My pal Spencer



A Richardson’s Ground Squirrel.  Mum was calling for her little ones, who

were busy romping in the sun nearby

A sweet Pile


Three Spring Lambs huddled together enjoying an afternoon in the sun.

Spring Lambs


I took my cue from Bob today.  He has some English Lambs today.  These guys are definitely Canadian Lambs, presented by another Canadian Lamb!

New Best Friend


My New Best Friend:  a buck toothed Llama on a Goat Farm!

A Critter, not a twitter


A Grey Squirrel, black morph, into the peanuts!