Nature Through My Lens




A Black-capped Chickadee (Poecile atricapilla) perches in the bushes with a Sunflower seed between it’s feet. It then pecked the seed open to get to the good stuff inside!

Spotted Towhee


A Spotted Towhee

Gull Country


As the Sun goes down the locals gather at the end of the rock jetty, in White Rock



Somebody said “Nap” and they all agreed!  Except for the guy on the left.  He didn’t get the memo!  These Cackling Geese are standing on a submerged log.

The Cackling Geese are a subspecies of Canada Geese.  There was a large group of them on a local Pond.  Mixed in were a number of Aleutian Geese which are another subspecies.  The Cackling have small bills and a short neck.  The Aleutians are a bit large and have a white circle at the bottom of their necks.



A very pretty male House Finch



A Golden-crowned Sparrow

Spotted Towhee


A Spotted Towhee in the Butterfly bush in our garden!

Finch & Leaves


A lovely little female House Finch perches on a Shepherd hook in our garden with the lovely fall colours of a Japanese Maple in the background.

Small Bird


Here’s a cute little Bush Tit.  I think that these birds are the smallest we have, except for the Hummingbirds of course.  Bush Tits are very sociable.  They are always in a group of ten or more it seems, and they flit in and just as soon are gone.

Me & My Friends


Me & my friends meet here, every evening as the sun goes down.  They are great friends cause they’re always here when I need them!

Spotted Towhee


On a rainy afternoon this Spotted Towhee is going about his business in the leaf litter and discarded seeds on the ground!

At Dusk


Here’s our little Anna’s Hummingbird male sitting a a bungee cord we have put up for the birds to perch on.  It stretches between two feeders.  They all seem to quite like it.  Including this little guy!  This was right at dusk and the light was poor.  I think Mama Hummer had gone to bed.  She usually doesn’t let him sit unmolested for long!

Perfect White


A perfect White duck.  Could be a Hybrid Mallard.  Could be an escapee from the farm.  In either case I think it’s beautiful!



On a rainy day a juvenile White-crowned Sparrow takes refuge in the depths of our Butterfly bush.

Bad Hair Day


A cute little female American Goldfinch, appears to be having a bit of a bad hair day!



Here’s another LBJ, little brown job!  This time it’s a juvenile White-crowned Sparrow.  These guys don’t get their adult colours until after their first winter.

Portrait of a Dove


A Eurasian Collared Dove catches the final rays of yesterday’s sunset while sitting on a feeder in our backyard.  We have four of these Doves visiting our yard every day lately, and it is wonderful to see them!

Don’t Eat the Flowers


A male House Finch eating the sweet flowers of the Butterfly Bush.

Sing for Me


A pretty little Song Sparrow!  Another LBJ



Here’s a couple of juvenile House Finches on the bird bath.  They are this years birds and could well be sisters, but there’s lots of them around right now.

Here’s the link to my other Blog with another shot of these two!



This little brown job (LBJ) is a female House Finch.  She’s perched in our Butterfly bush in the backyard, waiting for her turn at the feeder which has been very busy lately.

Strike a Pose


A very striking Stellar’s Jay poses for a photo shoot.

Peanut Fiend


Here’s the resident Stellar’s Jay giving me what for because the peanuts are all gone!  It’s already taken them all and hidden them all around the yard.  This is an immature  bird and has become a regular in the yard.  It has a sibling that tags along!

Anna’s at Dusk


An Anna’s Hummingbird comes into the flowers at late dusk, perhaps for that final sip before she roosts for the night.