Nature Through My Lens


Into the Unknown


This handsome Northwestern Crow, (Corvus caurinus) atop a tall hedge of Cedars seems to be staring off into the great unknown.

Preparing Lunch


Here’s a Northwestern Crow.  It likes to take the food it has found and dunk it in the neighbours rain gutter.  It leaves it there until it is soft enough to eat.  Clever Bird!  Depending on what it is will determine how long it’s left in the water!  Clever Bird!

Calling, Calling


A Common Crow high in a tree, calling and calling!

Eyes on Me


Got out of the car at the store and notice this guy keeping a close eye on me.

Sky High


A flock of crows heads to it’s night time roost. Crows form large communal roosts at night where thousands of individuals gather in trees. Around here at sundown they can be seen like this flying to their roost site. This is a steady flow of crows lasting over a half hour or more.

On Guard


An American Crow.  One guard because there was a hawk in the area and this guy and it’s buddies were harassing it.



A Crow checking out it’s reflection in a tidal pool