Nature Through My Lens


At Rest


An American Goldfinch (Spinus tristis)

The Finches


A pair of Purple Finches (Haemorhous purpureus). These two seem to have paired up for the season. They were both keeping a close eye on each other.

Don’t Eat the Flowers


A male House Finch eating the sweet flowers of the Butterfly Bush.



Here’s a couple of juvenile House Finches on the bird bath.  They are this years birds and could well be sisters, but there’s lots of them around right now.

Here’s the link to my other Blog with another shot of these two!

Chasing Dad


Here’s Dad Goldfinch being hounded by two of his fledglings.  They just won’t leave him alone!  Wherever he went they were right behind



A lovely House Finch hen, waiting her turn at the feeder in our back yard.  The feeder has been quite busy these days, with lots of fledglings about.  Such pretty little things.



A cute American Goldfinch with a DayLily in the background.  We are blessed with a number of these pretty little birds this year.  They make my day when they swoop into our feeder.

In the Knick of Time


This one almost got away from me.  He should have been on the other side of the frame, but I’ll take the shot!

A Quick Drink


A pretty American Goldfinch hen comes in for a quick drink at the birdbath in our backyard.  She’s followed closely by her mate in the background.

The Gang

Yesterday morning, before the fog set in, it was a sunny morning. Quite nice for a change. This was when I caught the usual Bird Feeder Gang in the bush behind the feeder. Ricki had just come in and I think they were all waiting to make sure the coast was clear! It wasn’t long before they resumed feeding. They have lots of seed to poke around in. After all our snow, we have quite a pile of seed and shells on the ground. Once it dries up and warms up a bit, I’ll go out and clean some of it up. Our back yard is on the north side and doesn’t get any sun at this time of year, so most of the seed is frozen to the ground.