Nature Through My Lens




Snow Geese

On Approach


Snow Geese landing on a gloomy overcast day

Some Snows


Some Snowgeese indeed.  This is about five percent of the total flock!  They are simply unbelievable!  Especially when they all start talking at the same time!

Keeping Watch


Three Canada Geese.  Two feeding in the leaves and one keeping guard.



A flock of Canada Geese coming in for a landing

Hissy Fit


A Canada Goose has a wee hissy fit while it’s buddies try to act nonchalant as their buddy acts out!

Serene in the Sun


A pair of Canada Geese and a Mallard hen enjoy a little quiet time, enjoying the sun

In a Row


Canada Geese and a duck on a log, complete with reflections!  I love the guy with his head just sticking up from behind the log!


This is a re-post from about a year ago.  But I do so like it!  A large flock of Snow Geese.

This is a re-post from about a year ago. But I do so like it! A large flock of Snow Geese.

Canada Goose

A Canada Goose swims by!

A Canada Goose swims by!

Up and At It

I left with Geese and I'm back with Geese!  Here's a couple of Canada's on their take off from a local field

I left with Geese and I’m back with Geese! Here’s a couple of Canada’s on their take off from a local field


A Canada Goose on a flight path to land in a nearby pond

A Canada Goose on a flight path to land in a nearby pond


Did you hear…”

Well that’s what it looks like these Chinese geese are doing anyway!

Gang of Three

Here’s a gang of three. And a gang of three geese can be a gang, believe me.
There were several eagles flying around that day and the geese were keeping a sharp eye on them. I thought maybe they were synchronized swimmers for awhile!

Snow Geese

For some reason the snow goose is one of the hardest birds to take a decent photo of. Sarah tried the other day too, without too much success. They always seem to be doing something that’s not to flattering. After several shoots this is the best I’ve got so far. Will keep trying though.

Canada Gees

I love the majesty of the Canada Geese. They have such a presence about them. Especially in a shot like this, where they cruise through the water, leaving a wake behind them.

More Signs of Autumn

We went out exploring on Friday. We wanted to check out some of the trails around Fort Langley. One our way home we saw this huge flock of geese. They were landing in a big bog on the side of 208 Th street. There were at least three times more then in the photo. They were making such a racket. Really brought back memories of the geese we used to see in Manitoba. Their numbers always total into the thousands. The voice of a flock of geese really stirs my blood. Love it.

Sure Sign of Autumn

If the rain, wind, temperature and lack of sun doesn’t convince you that Autumn is here, here is a sure sign. And yes, they were heading south.
We haven’t had as much rain in a month since March of 2007, and it’s only the 12th of the month. Take heart, we won’t melt!!