Nature Through My Lens


A Quick Stop

Something you don’t see a Hummingbird do, to often, is stop for a rest. This little Rufous hen had just eaten at our feeder, then flew to the back of the yard to sit on the perch of the regular feeder. They are so tiny and so pretty. One of natures wonders.
She only stopped for a few seconds, but I suppose in Hummingbird time, that’s enough.

Red Winged Black Bird

Here’s another Red Winged Blackbird hen. A buddy of yesterdays. No band on this one.
I can never get over how much difference there is between the male and the female.

Lovely Lady

This lovely lady has had her nose in the mud, but that’s why she called a dabbling duck.

Red-Winged Blackbird

This pretty little Red-Winged Blackbird posed quite nicely as we walked by. So, she got her picture taken!