Nature Through My Lens


Great Blue


A Great Blue Heron (Ardea herodias) away from the water. It’s unusual to see them on dry land, for me anyway! Perhaps it was hunting mice!

Wing Span


A Great Blue Heron (Andea herodias) in a local farmers field hunting for summer. We stopped on the road and I guess it didn’t like our presence, even though we were a distance away. It started to leave and then decided to stay after this great wing display!

In the Shadows


A juvenile Black-crowned Night-Heron (Nycticoras nycticorax) hiding in the shadows.



A Great Blue Heron, (GBH) perched on a deadfall birch tree.  This bird had quite stunning colours.

An Afternoon Nap


An immature Black-crowned Night Heron in it’s favourite perch, deep in the branches of a tree.  It’s nocturnal and sleeps throughout the day.



Here’s a Black-capped Night Heron at it’s normal roost deep in the branches of a tree.

It had it’s back to the wind which was blowing his plumes up over it’s face.

That Itch

itchy ear

A Great Blue Heron



An odd sort of fellow.  Here’s a Black-crowned Night Heron.

It’s unusual to see them with their eyes open during the day.


Here’s a shot of three Great Blue Herons out in Mud Bay. I thought it interesting because you rarely see Herons is such close proximity to each other. I think they may be a family. Perhaps this years crop.