Nature Through My Lens


House Finches

Here’s a female and male House Finch. The female is the first shot.
They are very common here and are among my favorites. They are definitely preparing for winter, as they are going through seed like crazy.

Mr. Scruffy

House Finch

Cuteness Counts

A pair of juvenile House Sparrows.

House Finch

One of the local gang. These little guys are year round residents, and I’m glad they are. They are such pretty little things. According to my book, a House Finch is 12-15 cm long, weighs in at a whopping 16-27 grams and has a life span of up to 12 years. Amazing!

Another fluffy One

Here’s another fluffy little House Finch. There are lots of them around and I sure like taking their pictures. Each one has it’s own little character traits.

House Finch

The House Finch is a very common bird. They live with us year round, poking for seed here and there and making a living as best they can.
Perhaps taken for granted, they are still one of the prettiest little birds.