Nature Through My Lens


Spot of Tea


Here’s our buddy the juvenile Stellar’s Jay (Calypte anna), in for a spot of Tea!  My wife has set several cups and saucers around the yard. They are on posts. Some have water in them, some have seed! The birds seem to enjoy them as there’s always someone on them!

The Rascal


A Stellar’s Jay (Calypte anna). This guy is the peanut bandit.  These guys have been prominent in my post lately.  Sorry, but I just can help it.  I love them.  They are such characters!



Another proud Stallar’s Jay (Cyanocitta stelleri) This one has a wonderful crest that it’s very proud of.



A Stellar’s Jay (Cyanocitta stelleri) on the birdbath in our yard. This is an adult in it’s prime, and has a wonderful full crest. It loves it’s peanuts and must have made off with at least a dozen out of the feeder!



A juvenile Stellar’s Jay has his eye on

the peanuts in the nearby feeder.  It will take a peanut and stash it in every flower pot in the yard!

Sharon’s Steller’s Jay

Here’s a Steller’s Jay in Sharon & Larry’s back yard in home. Raucous and ever noisily letting everyone know they are there they poke around looking for something to eat. This one has a touch of white on it’s forehead and a lovely crest.