Nature Through My Lens

Mill Lake

Another Proud One

A Mallard drake showing off his stuff!

A Mallard drake showing off his stuff!

Standing Proud

This drake Mallard is standing proud.  He knows he is one of the pretty one.
Mallards are still one of my favorite birds. 

Crow Catches a Grub

It amazes me that we have grubs this large in our lawns.  I have seen this happen before.  Birds walk around on the lawn poking away and seem to come up with these things.  Go out an look at your lawn.  You won’t see any grubs, but they are there.  The birds sure find them!
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Canada Goose

That Far Away Look


Into the Sun


Sunset Over the Pond

Bright Sun

At Mill Lake the other day, this Canada Goose was busy preening. But in my imagination it was shading it’s eyes from the bright setting sun!