Nature Through My Lens

Pitt Lake

A Survivor

This Swallowtail butterfly looks like it’s been through the wars. With huge chunks of it’s wings missing it’s surprising it can still get around.

Another Dragon

Continuing on a trend, here is another Dragonfly. This one is called a Common Whitetail. I disagree with the name. This beauty is anything but common. Maybe it should be called the Stunning Whitetail.

Dragon Flyday

A female Blue Dasher rests for awhile on the end of a twig.
Click on the image if you want a really close look and you’ll see her hair and spikes on her legs.

Red Winged Black Bird

Here’s another Red Winged Blackbird hen. A buddy of yesterdays. No band on this one.
I can never get over how much difference there is between the male and the female.

Red Winged Black Bird

This beautiful female Redwing Blackbird posed quite nicely for me on an old log on the edge of the lake. I didn’t notice until I uploaded the photos that she has been banded.
Now you don’t see that very often. I never have. It got me the thinking: What are the odds; Who did the banding; Was it locally or from far away. All kinds of interesting unanswered questions and we’re left with a pretty little bird with a band!

Red Wing

Here’s a Red-Winged Blackbird. They are almost irresistible to take shots of. They always seem to find the highest point around to perch on and then sit on the very top. This one had all the clear blue sky behind him.