Nature Through My Lens


Leaving a Trail


A Eared Grebe leaving a trail in the water so it knows where it’s been!

Relaxing in the Shade


Canada Geese enjoying the shade under a tree

Yellowleg Reflection



A Lesser Yellowlegs glides through the water among the reflections from nearby reeds

Hungry Pigeon

This hungry Pigeon tries it’s hardest to defeat the squirrel cage around this feeder and get something to eat.

Red-Winged Blackbird

This pretty little Red-Winged Blackbird posed quite nicely as we walked by. So, she got her picture taken!

Lesser Scaup

Interesting the way this little duck uses it’s tail feathers as a rudder.
It’s eyes look like teddy bear eyes! Well, what I remember of my Teddy Bear anyway!

House Sparrow

This pretty little lady was poking around under a bird feeder. The hens colours are a lot more subtle than the males. Good for hiding!

Red Winged Black Bird

Here’s a full sized shot of the Red Winged Black Bird. The subject of my new Banner. Funny how that one little splash of colour makes him stand out.

Mouthy Mallard

“Hey Kid, Make with the seed, Quack!!!”

Honey You In There??

“Honey Duckie, you in there?”

Another sleepy Mallard

Sitting on his favorite log, this Mallard was having a real tough time keeping his eyes open. But it was a great afternoon for a nap in the sun.

Salute of the Day

A one gun salute from the admiral of ducks!

Too Close

The Hairless Apes are getting a bit close. Time to make a hasty retreat.

More Wigeons

There are a lot of different kinds of ducks. Most are quite handsome.
The Wigeon stand among to top for looks. Their feather colours and patterns are
very pretty.

Tangle Tree

Mother must have been in a confused state of mind when she created this one!

We have a Parade!

As we all walked down a trail at Reifel Migratory Bird Sanctuary, with the girls in the front with a bag of seed, we had quite a following. They all waddles along next to us of behind us and in front of us too!

A Widgeon & a Mallard

An American Widgeon and a Mallard out for a stroll in the parking lot of the Bird Sanctuary. Signs like this are encouraging, as one hasn’t even got through the gate yet!

Rock Dove (Feral Pigeon)

Amongst a huge bunch of ducks, there was two Pigeons. Surprising there weren’t more. There was lots of seed being offered, and when there’s seed there’s usually a pigeon around as well!

Red Winged Blackbird

Earlier we had Brewer’s Blackbirds. Today we have a Red Winged Blackbird. I think this is probably a juvenile, as it hasn’t developed it’s full colours yet. It’s a pretty bird non the less.

American Widgeon

This pair of American Widgeon are all paired up and ready for the upcoming busy spring season.

Canada Geese

There’s nothing like a Canada Goose. I think they are stunning and regal.
Here, the bottom one has been digging in the mud.

House Sparrows House Hunting

This pair of House Sparrows are out house hunting. It looks like they may have decided on this one bedroom, no bath, flie up.

Sandhill Cranes

Continuing on our trip through Reifel Migratory Bird Sanctuary, we came across these Sandhill Cranes. We’ve seen them in the zoo many times, and in the wild in huge noisy flocks, but this is the first up close encounter with them in the wild. They are in the Sanctuary but are still wild. A great sighting

Many Mallards

Yesterday, we visited Reifel Migratory Bird Santuary on Westham Island in Ladner. When we arrived, there was a huge flock of ducks in the parking lot. I would estimate they were in the hundreds. They were very tame and forever hungrey! Most interesting to be among so may not so wild, wild birds.

My grandson, Kaylum, waded right into the horde. No fear there at all

Silver Lamb Studios was there taking pictures for herself!