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Here’s some Short-billed Dowitchers in a dug out on the prairie west of Drumheller, Alberta.  The shot was a little soft, so I treated it to some Topaz editing.

Mr & Mrs

canvasback f canvasback

I don’t usually do two images on one post, but these two deserve to be together!  Mrs & Mr Canvasback

On Watch


A juvenile Wilson’s Phalarope keeps a close eye on the sky



A Killdeer.  This guy was on high alert.  I suspect it had a nest or young ones nearby.

A Record Shot


Just east of Calgary, Alberta we came across this dugout with a pair of White-faced Ibis.  Both were a considerable distance away and of a bunch of attempts this was the best of the lot.  Never having seen an Ibis in the wild before, I was non the less thrilled at this sighting!

On a Blustery Day


Here’s a Black-necked Stilt.  It’s long long legs are mostly hidden by the depth of water it’s standing in.  This was taken from quite a distance and the wind buffeting against me didn’t help at all.  Nevertheless, it was another lifer for me!



A Richardson’s Ground Squirrel.  Mum was calling for her little ones, who

were busy romping in the sun nearby