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Here’s my Hummer of the day! I almost feel like apologizing for all the Hummers, but they are going mad with the Crocosmias and I have to follow suite!

This is a Anna’s Hummingbird (Calypte anna) female.

Sure Foot

DSCN7125.jpgHere’s a sure footed Anna’s Hummingbird (Calypte anna), male, standing on the stem of a Crocosmia plant. The Hummers are really enjoying these plants as they come into bloom. Must tast Good!!


At Rest


A Anna’s Hummingbird (Calypte anna) at rest on a twig from the Liliac tree.



An Anna’s Hummingbird (Calypte anna) female, taking five on the vine of a Honeysuckle in our yard.

Hummer Sandwich


An Anna’s Hummingbird (Calypte anna) male on a Honeysuckle vine in our yard. Sandwich, add one leaf, one hummer, one leaf!

Catching Snowflakes


Our sweet little Anna’s Hummingbird in late December sitting on her branch in a snowstorm. Actually I think she was trying to catch Snowflakes!

January Hummer


Here’s my little friend the winter Hummingbird. Through all the cold and snow, she is still with us. Weighing at less that 5 grams, she’s a brave little girl and I love to see her!

Winter Hummer


Here’s my pretty little Winter Hummingbird hanging in there against extreem cold weather. Temperatures were at -6 C last night. There’s a couple of them here, keeping warm chasing each other around the yard! They were both eager for their breakfast this morning as the feeder had frozen up overnight.

November Hummer


An Anna’s Hummingbird.

We have several of these guys in the yard, or close to it, right now.  I say several because I’ve seen three at one time, but they are so fast it is hard to make distinctions into individuals.  They are staying close to our feeders.  They need lots of energy to survive this time of the year!

Halloween Hummer


Our Anna’s Hummingbird is still with us.  This afternoon it was feeding on the last unopened bud of our Rose of Sharon.  We are hoping they will be with us for the winter.

My Friend


Here we are heading into the second week of October and my little friend the Anna’s Hummingbird is still with us, making his presence felt in our yard!  We are hoping they will stay with us for the winter, but only the weather can decide that!

At Dusk


Here’s our little Anna’s Hummingbird male sitting a a bungee cord we have put up for the birds to perch on.  It stretches between two feeders.  They all seem to quite like it.  Including this little guy!  This was right at dusk and the light was poor.  I think Mama Hummer had gone to bed.  She usually doesn’t let him sit unmolested for long!



A male Anna’s Hummingbird in the Cedar tree in our back yard.  Even Hummingbirds have to take five once in awhile.

Anna’s at Dusk


An Anna’s Hummingbird comes into the flowers at late dusk, perhaps for that final sip before she roosts for the night.

My Little Sunshine


Sunshine, because she always lights up my life when she drops by!

An Anna’s Hummingbird female on the Coocosma Lucifer.

My Hummer Friend


Here’s our little Anna’s Hummingbird on the Butterfly bush in our backyard.  She is quite a regular visitor.  These little birds are amazing.



An Anna’s Hummingbird female at the Butterfly bush in our backyard.

Miss Hum


Here’s an Anna’s Hummingbird in our backyard this afternoon.

It’s always good luck to see a Hummer on New Year’s Eve.  I just made that up, but I think I’m right!  It’s good luck to see a hummer anytime!

Happy New Year to all!!



Here’s our little Hummer again!  I simply can’t resist them.

This is from this morning when the temperature was hovering at 0 c.

Winter Hummer


An Anna’s Hummer.  He looks like he’s staying for the winter.

We have moved the feeder under the deck where it’s sheltered and out of the weather.  They seem to like this!

Little Dart


An Anna’s Hummingbird rests in the boughs of a Cedar tree.  The female was close by, but didn’t want her picture took!



An Anna’s Hummingbird at the feeder.  She has a male with her, but

she spends most of her time chasing him away!  He’s sticking with it though.  Last year the Anna’s stayed with us all winter.  Hope they do again!

A Tiny Rest


After busily feeding on the fall flowers this Anna’s Hummingbird has a brief rest in a Cedar tree.

I Can’t Help It

An Anna's Hummingbird to morning at the feeder.  This is the first time I've been able to positively ID this bird.   I can't help it be causes I think these tiny birds are such survivors!

An Anna’s Hummingbird this morning at the feeder. This is the first time I’ve been able to positively ID this bird.
I can’t help it because I think these tiny birds are such survivors!