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A portrait of a Sharp-shinned Hawk (Accepiter striatus). This one dropped in on out yard just at dusk today. One last look around. Unfortunately it was out of luck. All the little birds had gone to roost!

At Dusk


Here’s our little Anna’s Hummingbird male sitting a a bungee cord we have put up for the birds to perch on.  It stretches between two feeders.  They all seem to quite like it.  Including this little guy!  This was right at dusk and the light was poor.  I think Mama Hummer had gone to bed.  She usually doesn’t let him sit unmolested for long!

Anna’s at Dusk


An Anna’s Hummingbird comes into the flowers at late dusk, perhaps for that final sip before she roosts for the night.

Crow Tree


A local tree being used as a Crows roost today!

I go a 140 something!!

At the Roost


Crows gather in the Cottonwood trees at the coming of dusk.

Take Off


A flock of European Starlings take off from a tree.  No doubt looking for a place to roost for the night.