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A Bath & A Drink


A pair of European Starlings in the birdbath in our garden.

Bird Tree


The tree out front of our house, almost full of Starlings!

A bird tree!

A Murmuration


Here’s a shot of part of the flock of Starlings that were in the field across from our house!  I have never seen so many birds in one place!  They were a Murmuration of Starlings without a doubt.  Their wingbeats when they took flight sounded like a large motor raving!  What a wonderful sight they were!

Against the Sun

against the sun

All day today, we have had a huge flock of Starlings in the field across from our house!  Here’s a shot of part of the flock against the late afternoon sun.

Spots Before My Eyes


We were out for a drive yesterday, when we came across this large flock of European Starlings.  They were all sitting in the middle of the road!  We stopped and had a look when another vehicle came along and spooked them all.  Here’s a shot of a few of them.

Take Off


A flock of European Starlings take off from a tree.  No doubt looking for a place to roost for the night.



The Robin sat on the edge of the birdbath waiting it’s turn.  It finally couldn’t stand all the splashing and it left.  Meanwhile, the Starlings were have a grand time!