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Good Old Dad!


A pair of House Sparrows (Passer domesticus) The adult male on the right and the fledgling getting fed a chunk of Suet.

I’m Not Sure …


… of this flying around business. A House Sparrow (Passer domesticus) in the Jasmine seems to be pondering it’s next move

Feed Me


Here’s a parent European Starling (Sturnus vulgaris) feeding a fledgling Starling a grub. Now it may just be me, but I see a definite face on the grub! Oh My, here I go Mum!!

Ready for My Portrait


A fledgling House Sparrow (Passer domesticus) poses for it’s headshot!




What does a little bird think when it’s sitting wet and cold on the first day of it’s life when it’s rained! I think this little House Sparrows (Passer domesticus) expression says it all!

A New One


A brand new visitor to our bird bath. A fledgling European Starling (Sturnus vulgaris) This guy is probably only a week or so old. Once they get going they grow very fast.

Tuckered Out


A female fledgling House Sparrow (Passer domesticus) has had a busy day. Just new to this world she’s learning how to get around. But, all the activicty has worn her out and she has a little rest in a Hawthorne bush. That big thorn will definitely stop her from tipping to the right!

I See You


A female House Finch.  This little bird in this years fledgling.  Despite the weather she seems to be doing quite well.  One can tell the age by the beak.  See the yellow at the back of the beak?  That’s from when she was a baby and she use to open her beak very wide so Mum would feed her!

Stop by for a Cuppa


A fledgling Song Sparrow drops by for a cuppa in our garden!

The cup is full of water and the little birds like to sit there against the trees and drink!



A fledgling Black-headed Grosbeak female.




A fledgling Black-headed Grosbeak.

Still Feeding Junior


Late in the summer and this busy parent is still feeding it’s young.



A Black-headed Grosbeak fledgling hen.

A Mouthfull


Here’s a fledgling Spotted Towhee.  The only reason I know that is that I saw Mum come and feed it some Blackberries.  You can see the remains of the meal around it’s beak!  Pretty little thing!

Osprey Fledgling

An Osprey fledgling on it's nest.  For a view of were this nest is located, check out my other blog at:

An Osprey fledgling on it’s nest. For a view of were this nest is located, check out my other blog at: