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Sure Foot

DSCN7125.jpgHere’s a sure footed Anna’s Hummingbird (Calypte anna), male, standing on the stem of a Crocosmia plant. The Hummers are really enjoying these plants as they come into bloom. Must tast Good!!




A Golden-crowned Sparrow



An American Goldfinch and a couple of his buddies were enjoying the seeds of the Rubecia flowers in our garden!

Small Bird


Here’s a cute little Bush Tit.  I think that these birds are the smallest we have, except for the Hummingbirds of course.  Bush Tits are very sociable.  They are always in a group of ten or more it seems, and they flit in and just as soon are gone.

Spider, Man


An Orb Web Spider, just finishing up lunch.



Here’s another Stellar’s Jay, in fact it could be the same one as my last post.  There’s a couple of them and they have been very active in our backyard.  Can’t help but take their photos!

Peanut Fiend


Here’s the resident Stellar’s Jay giving me what for because the peanuts are all gone!  It’s already taken them all and hidden them all around the yard.  This is an immature  bird and has become a regular in the yard.  It has a sibling that tags along!