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Hanging Out…


…by the pool! A small group of Canada geese (Branta canadensis) by the edge of one of the ponds at Jackman Wetlands! They were so at ease, soaking in the sun and chillin’

The Big Race


With the judge looking on the boys line up for the big race. George yells at Betty to get back in line so we can get the show on the road!

Enjoying the Sun


Canada Geese enjoying a little bit of afternoon sun

Pick a Lane…


Pick a Lane and I’ll race you to the end! Canada Geese in a Corn stubble field looking like they are lining up for a race!



Snow Geese



A pair of Snow Geese, flying in perfect unison!



Somebody said “Nap” and they all agreed!  Except for the guy on the left.  He didn’t get the memo!  These Cackling Geese are standing on a submerged log.

The Cackling Geese are a subspecies of Canada Geese.  There was a large group of them on a local Pond.  Mixed in were a number of Aleutian Geese which are another subspecies.  The Cackling have small bills and a short neck.  The Aleutians are a bit large and have a white circle at the bottom of their necks.