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Birds Galore


 This flock of Gulls, about 90 of them with sitting in the field until we drove up, then they took off. Also on the field were a bunch of ducks. Find the Mallards here! Also in the trees there’s about 35 crows and over the other way a Bald Eagle. So it was productive!

Gull Time


The golden hour just before the sun sinks below the horizon makes for nice light. It also seems to bring out a final flury of Gulls over the water. Maybe looking for that last bit of food before dark. The skies were quite dramatic.

Gull Country


As the Sun goes down the locals gather at the end of the rock jetty, in White Rock

The Stare


This guy didn’t fly, even though I was only about two feet away, but it would accept my gift of an apple core! Hmm!  I thought they ate everything!

Keepers of the Sky


Two gulls keeping watch on the sky

Against the Clouds

against the elements

Gulls against a cloudy sundown

By Myself


A Gull sits quietly by itself enjoying the afternoon sun