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Sharing the Marsh

3 species.jpg

Here’s a three species shot.  Blue-winged Teal drake on the right, female Blue-winged teal in the centre with a Common Tern in front of it and a Wilson’s Phalarope in the left ream background.

My House


A House Sparrow, keeping his eye out beside his nest box.

Home for the Season 2


Here’s another family taking up residence for the season.  This time a Tree Swallow.  He is tending the female who is inside the nest box.  The return of the Swallow’s is a sure sign of Spring.

Home for the Season


This House Sparrow and her mate have picked out the nesting box they are going to use for the season.



Almost on the same branch as yesterday’s post

A Pine Siskin



A Little Spring Frog

Sitting in the Water

A little Green Frog

Doing what he…..

A sweet Pile


Three Spring Lambs huddled together enjoying an afternoon in the sun.

Chick of the Day

Chickadee on a Pussy Willow.

Chickadee on a Pussy Willow.