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A Horned Grebe (Podiceps auritus) busy fishing off the White Rock pier.



A Common Loon (Gavia immer) enjoying a bit of fish for lunch.

Surf Scoter


The female on the left. A pair of Surf Scoter (Melanitta perspicillata) off the pier in White Rock.

Standing Proud


A proud Mew Gull (larus canus) standing on the sand at White Rock while the tide is out. I believe this to be an adult Nonbreeding bird.

Gull Country


As the Sun goes down the locals gather at the end of the rock jetty, in White Rock

Stop or I’ll Jump


This rather brave Gull let this lady walk right up to it. When she got there, I think it changed it’s mind. My Gull identification skills are sadly lacking, so I won’t try. Everybody will be saying, “Oh, That’s a Blah, Blah, Blah! Hope you do, then I’ll know!



Bald Eagles on the top of a communications tower at the end of White Rock pier.  I’m told there are a large number of Eagles this year because of the size of the Salmon runs.  To me it appears these guys were keeping an eye on the Gulls as there were quite a number on the jetty right below them.

Surf Scoter


A Surf Scoter in the water near the White Rock Pier

Waiting for the Train

waiting for the train

A Crow, sitting on the railway tracks

The Stare


This guy didn’t fly, even though I was only about two feet away, but it would accept my gift of an apple core! Hmm!  I thought they ate everything!

Waiting for the Train


A Rock Dove (Feral Pigeon) sitting on the train tracks.  Surprisingly enough this seems to be a popular perch for Pigeons, Crows, and Gulls.  I have not idea why.  Perhaps the tracks are warmer than the rocks.

Another Gull


A Gull on a rock!  I really liked the action of the water and the results of that more than the Gull itself!

The Wind in My Wings


I have great difficulty identifying Gulls, but I think this is an immature Herring Gull.  It was having a chase round with the Crow.  Both were behind a Hot Dog stand, hoping for a handout!

Keepers of the Sky


Two gulls keeping watch on the sky

Against the Clouds

against the elements

Gulls against a cloudy sundown



A Gull sits contently on the top of a piling at White Rock pier.

I See You Back There

Thayer's Gull

A Thayer’s Gull looks back over it’s shoulder making sure I don’t get too close.

Waiting for the Train


Standing beside the tracks, I guess this guy’s waiting for the train!


leaving copy

I have no idea what this is, but it’s leaving!



A Crow checking out it’s reflection in a tidal pool

Against the Waves


This immature Herring Gull seems to be defying the waves from coming in

A Reflection

A Canada Goose and it's reflection.  Love the deep blue of the Pacific Ocean!

A Canada Goose and it’s reflection. Love the deep blue of the Pacific Ocean!

In the Surf

A Bonapart's Gull stands in the surf

A Bonapart’s Gull stands in the surf


Here's a couple of Gulls have a bit of a tiff.

Here’s a couple of Gulls have a bit of a tiff.