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Robin by Robin


Here’s another American Robin.

Today, it’s snowing again! This forlorne Robin (Turdus migratorius) was sitting in the Japanese Maple tree in our front yard. It really did look quite lost, sitting there giving off the occasional tweet. Maybe got home a little soon!

Puff Ball


An American Goldfinch all puffed up against the cold and wind.



A Dark-eyed Junco in the snow

Winter Hummer


Here’s my pretty little Winter Hummingbird hanging in there against extreem cold weather. Temperatures were at -6 C last night. There’s a couple of them here, keeping warm chasing each other around the yard! They were both eager for their breakfast this morning as the feeder had frozen up overnight.



Sandhill Cranes on a frosty winter mourning

Not Amused


When one gets one’s dinner from the bottom of the pond, the ice presents a quandary! ¬†Where the next meal comes from! ¬†Definitely “Not Amused!”